The Mitigation of Evil via Aggravated Aesthetics
The Mitigation of Evil via Aggravated Aesthetics
an exploration into the world of contemporary art cinema
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Angus Foster is an aspiring artistic director who explores experimental visuals and unprecedented sound desgin to define his own very unique take on independent film.

Angus' latest project adopts a distinctly Lynchian approach to filmmaking. With low exposure black and white VHS footage working intrinsically with minimalist sound design, Angus has created an articulate and testing piece of cinema that is both reminiscent of classic art film and contemporary artistic ventures.

Entitled '4 and a half minutes of hipster misery' Angus pokes fun at the current state of the arts community in a satirically aware yet innovative manner. While Angus' own projects explore the niche world of contemporary art film, his versatility and level of ability with independent film production and sound design is unparalleled. 


Password: wesleeptoomuch

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These three images are the printings of instant inspiration. Second thought is the murder of pure expression and inspiration cannot be swung to either the positive or the negative. Inspiration should be clean and undoctored. Social influence stifles that which should be nurtured. 



Resentment and bitterness. Fearfully awaiting judgement and shamefully conceding to that which built your confidence. A retrogressive observation of the self and identity. 



An exploration of the female form and it's unreachable imperfections. A look at the blossoming of a single aspiration and the potential reaching the ultimate goal, a dream state like no other. 



The suffering and necessary evil. The solitude and abandoning of the empath and all that they claim to be. The rebirth of a new self, the forming of a new skin. 

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